For Every Goddess There is Giving

“Giant Goddess Mago carried mud her skirt and created mounstains and islands.
Her urine and excrement formed hills and rivers. [...] She was so strong that when she urinated with her legs straddled on Mr. Nogo and Mt. Bulguk, the spray of urine cracked a huge rock on Munhakjae Pass.”
- 마고할미 ( 玛古婆婆 )  신화, MagoHalmi Myth 

“One night, Bohee, the older one, had a strange dream. In the dream, she urinated on the mountaintop until the urine flooded the entire capital city. When she woke up, she blushed with shame. [...] Later, her husband Chun-chu ascended the throne to become King Muyeol, the 29th monarch of the Silla Kingdom, and she became his queen.”- 삼국유사 , Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms 

Bohee (2021), resin and fabric on silkscreen of New Jersey 

Mago II, resin and fabric on silkscreen of Mount Baekdu

Mago I, resin and fabric on silkscreen of Lower Manhattan