Julie Belle Bishop 
Capturing the Ephemeral: a planned excavation.

Where does music go?
What can it look like?
I wanted to know.

First, I composed a piece of music, based on a 1983 song by Motley Crüe. I performed and recorded that song to convert it into a midi file—a musical digital file generated by recording software. A midi file is a bit like a digital map that visualizes which musical notes play, and when.

Next, I translated the midi file into analog form—dots on paper. Using a small handheld metal punch, I punched out each note, making strips of paper full of holes that could be cranked through a manual music box mechanism that would play back the song.

Those holey strips of paper became the frames, the stencils, the sewing patterns,the shadows, and the subjects for these images.

Each captures the ephemerality of music in a distinct and often unrecognizably material way.